About Me

I am a photographer living in the West of Ireland since 2000. I was born in Lancashire, England and left there in my early twenties.

When I left England, I went to live in Switzerland and it was here that my interest in photography started when I was employed as an image researcher in the photographic library of WWF International (World-Wide Fund for Nature). It was at this time that I met my wonderful husband, Chris, a zoologist/ecologist/conservationist, and it was through him that my interest in wildlife started and which eventually combined with my photography.

I purchased my first SLR (single lens reflex) camera on a visit to Hong Kong with Chris. I bought a Nikon FM2 with three lenses (a standard, a wide angle and a zoom lens). I still use this camera equipment for all my photography. I used to take 35mm colour slides which I scanned using a Nikon Coolscan.   In 2015 I made the move to digital photography so that I could take photos of birds in flight.  I now use a Nikon D300s and can use the manual lenses that I used with the Nikon FM2.

We left Switzerland in 1989 and in the following years lived in Malawi and France. When we moved to Ireland I found the scenery and natural light fantastic and discovered the beautiful wild flora and fauna. We have fallen in love with Lough Carra, a fabulous unique lake which not only has splendid scenery but is home to a wide diversity of flora and fauna (if you’d like to know more about Lough Carra take at look at www.loughcarra.org).

To celebrate the lovely landscape, flora and fauna of Ireland, I decided to publish my own greetings cards and then the calendar of landscapes of the West of Ireland.

I hope you will enjoy my images of the natural beauty of the West of Ireland.

All images on this website are copyright © of Lynda Huxley